Admit it, you’re curious: If the new millennium has brought anything, it’s a generation of women who throw age conventions to the wind and date men of any (and all) ages.

And while celebrities like Demi Moore, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Sharon Stone may have helped officiallyintroduce the word “cougar” into the English Oxford Dictionary (formally defined as “older women seeking a sexual relationship with younger men”), they aren’t the only women in Hollywood who’ve gone much younger when picking  their partners.
Mariah Careyhappy new year

After nearly five years of marriage, Mariah Carey, now 42, divorced famed record executive Tommy Mottola — who was 20 years her senior — in 1998. She then wed Nick Cannon — 10 years her junior — in April 2008, after a whirlwind six-week romance. The couple, who renew their vows every year, have twins together, Monroe and Moroccan, born in April 2011.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore, 50, saw two marriages end in divorce — the first to musician Freddie Moore (1980-84) and the second to Bruce Willis (1987-2000) — before she married Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 years her junior, in September 2005.
Moore announced her split from Kutcher in November 2011 after rumors circulated that he had had a one-night stand with a 22 year old named Sara Leal. Kutcher filed for divorce the following year in December 2012.