Name of Organization: The AIDS and Orphans Rescue Program
Country: Uganda
Contact:  Ivan Kaise

The AIDS and Orphans Rescue Program, is a community-based organization that aims at developing communities with focus on promoting access to quality education for all and promoting rights of women and children in rural areas. We also aim to promote social welfare of orphans and vulnerable children within marginalized communities through education of girls and economic empowerment of women headed households.

Mission:  To mobilize resourcesthat promote the economic and social welfare of children, women and youth.

Vision: A society where people understand and honor the values that promote individual responsibility and have the economic ability to contribute to their communities to achieve common goals.


Robert Zenhausern has a doctorate in Psychology from Fordham University in New York City and taught for 35 years at St. John’s University. He has been CEO of the Enabling Support Foundation, a non-profit organization that concentrates on education and disability.  For the past 5years he has provided online support to grassroots organizations in emerging countries.  He has created the Peace Flame network comprised of more than 150 NGOs.  The Archive of Social Good is a directory of grassroots organizations that can be searched by country, population served, and mission.



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