Irene, unlike other girls, had the singular opportunity of growing up fast. But what she saw staring right back at her, was a step shy of being a Suckerpunch. Her head spun so fast, she was surprised that she was still standing. The vivid images from 19 years ago became as clear as day. One night, robbers attacked her family. She was fortunate enough to have been hidden in the ceiling by her mom..

Whatever you see.. Whatever you hear… Don’t scream..” Her mother begged her with tears in her eyes.

Irene had to brave a sight that not too many people would have the stomach for.. Her father was killed by a shot in a head, Her mother was raped and got killed while her brother was died by shots in the heart. She wanted to scream.. She wanted to scream so hard that her lungs would give out, and yet.. She said nothing… She saw and heard everything… The sounds of laughter and the irritating voice. The robbers left, carting away valuables, money and of course.. The lives of her entire family, how she lived through that horrendous period, nobody could tell.. After that incident, Irene was never a child again. The only thing she had with her was her doll, her companion on the day of  the nightmare. The only thing on her mind was the incident.. The flash scenes of the incident. The sounds of the gun reverberated in her ears. The laughter of the robbers, slowly crashing and destroying her heart. From that tender age, the word “revenge” marked her heart with anger. Everyday the face of the robbers got clearer and clearer.

The gunshot sounds got louder and louder. She grew up with these images of violence burnt into her heart like a scar that would never heal. Everyone became scared.. Irene said nothing about that night, about the incident, about her parents, she became cold.. I know you probably think cold, as in Ice-Cold, but the North Pole, or the Artic Circle was nothing compared to the icy depths she had been plunged in.. Years passed her, and her grit, guts, and iron-clad resilience took her to the top of the foodchain. Armed with her degrees, she became a businesswoman… a powerful businesswoman.. A powerful businesswoman that hardened by time. Calling her “Cold hearted” was taking the shine out of the expression. She worked everyday to forget what happened, to erase the misery she suffered and still suffering… Until she met Eric, a guy who changed everything about her, a guy who made her feel that she was not alone in this ruthless world… Your guess is as good as mine.. She fell in love.. A feeling that was alien to her, one that was dead, and took the perseverance of one person to fan the flames to life. Fast-Forward, Eric asked her to marry him. Irene said “Yes”  without any hesitation… Life had started anew for Irene, as she lay in Eric’s arms..