Summer is around the corner and you are considering to buy a swimsuit because it is an essential for summer. Finding the perfect swimsuit can be a struggle for anyone, but there are entirely new frustrations to consider when you’re tall. If it’s an issue you can relate to, we’ve got some news.

Long Tall Sally is the brand dedicated to satisfy ladies that are 5”8 tall and above, has a whole lot of suits just in time for beach season. Other smart styles to look for include halter necks and adjustable straps since the ability to customize the fit is invaluable. Ladies with long torsos should also try high cuts that rise nearer the hip bone, it makes the legs appear longer and balances out the torso.


Polka Dot Blouson Swimsuit


Mesh Panel Strappy Swimsuit


Stripe Swimsuit


Tropical Bandeau Swimsuit


Textured Twisted Front Swimsuit


Tile Print Tankini