We spoke to Health Coach Mel Wells for some top body lovin’ tips…

Ladies, adore yourself! It’s time to stop hating on life’s most precious asset; our bodies! Mel Wells, health coach and author of The Goddess Revolution* explains how…

Mel’s Mantra:

‘To get the body that you want, you have to start loving the body you already have.’

Is this YOU?

How do you know if you’re in an unhealthy relationship with your body?

  • Always judging your body in the mirror.
  • Constantly giving yourself a hard time over how you look and scrutinizing photos.
  • Not being in the moment with friends or family because you’re thinking about your body or food.
  • Buying clothes that are too small hoping you can shrink yourself down to fit them.
  • Comparing your body to other women’s bodies.

Slow Down

Start looking at your body like your home and focus on your body goals as a long journey. The longest relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself; it’s not a quick race to the finish line.

Be Kind

Think about the way you talk to your body and the negative thoughts that come into your head. Would you talk to a friend like that? No. So be kinder to yourself. Crowd out those thoughts with constant love and positivity. Keep practicing it and it will become default.

Pen To Paper

Write a love letter to your own body; it could be an apology letter or a gratitude letter. List all the ways your body’s served you up till now and why you’re so grateful.

Wear What You Love

Dress to make you feel good. Buy clothes that fit your body right now, not clothes that just cover you up. You don’t have to dress how other people do.


Get Rid

Letting go of people that make you feel bad about yourself is an act of self-love. Be aware of those people that make you feel heavy or not worthy of love. Anyone who makes comments about your body or weight; it’s a reflection of what’s going on in their head. Do the same with people online.

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Exercise Your Way

Start doing exercise you actually enjoy rather than doing exercise you think will change your body. It’s a good tip for body confidence; do exercise that’s fun for you and get moves your body in a way that it feels good to be moved.

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