Because we rely so heavily on our smartphones for communication, work, games, and trying to look busy in public, battery life is incredibly important. Many of us may be sabotaging ourselves by accidentally doing things that end up draining our battery faster than normal.

Thankfully, avoiding these energy-sucking mistakes is as simple as being aware of them. (Galaxy Note 7 usersneed not apply, as you have totally different battery issues to worry about)

Here are four of our favorite tricks for getting the most life from your battery every time you charge it:

1. Turn down the brightness. As screens are getting increasingly higher definition, it takes a lot of power to make every pixel shine. Turning down the brightness halfway can increase battery life by around 35 percent, giving you a few more hours with your phone. (Plus, too much artificial light is bad for your brain anyway.)

2. Check which apps are draining your battery. In your settings, check the “Battery Usage” section in your settings to see which ones are responsible for using most of your battery. The most commonly used apps will obviously be at the top of the list, but there are some that suck down energy much faster than normal and should be avoided when you need to conserve power.

3. Rethink which apps are allowed to have background app refresh. Keeping a lot of apps open isn’t what’s sucking down the battery; it’s keeping them active when you’re not using them. Yes, it is handy to have certain apps tracking your location (like fitness apps) or streaming music, but it’s a waste of energy for others. Go into your settings and turn off background app refresh on the apps that you don’t need to run while you’re not actively using it.

4. Reduce your screen’s auto-lock time. A great way to save on your battery is to make sure that it’s not lit up when it’s not being used by telling the screen to shut down after a short period of inactivity. Auto-lock times range from 30 seconds to five minutes, making energy conservation automatic.


While these tips might help preserve your battery each time you use it, there are also things we can be doing to extend the battery’s life overall.

Reactions, the YouTube channel of the American Chemical Society, has created a video that explains how some everyday activities can cause batteries to lose their capacity (meaning that even when fully charged, the battery doesn’t store as much energy).

Check it out here:

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