I was eating Amala and enjoying my drink around 4pm, a man entered the restaurant with a brief case. I guess he was a big politician bcos his dressing and pot belly portrays it.

He walked and sat down as everybody looked at him. Suddenly a woman came to him and started crying. The woman knelt down and told him that her children and herself want to die of hunger since her husband died. This man opened the brief case and gave dis woman N500,000. The woman jumped up and left the scene in happiness.

I was still watching when another man started crying and came to him. He knelt down and begged him that he needed money to establish his bizness. This man brought out N10,000,000 (Ten Million Naira Cheque) and he gave this man.

This time, I started murmuring and practicing on the lie I would blow to have my own national cake. I started crying and went to the man. Immediately I knelt down, I heard “Cut!! Cut!! Cut!!”. I turned and saw the director of the movie. He laughed and said “oh boy na movie we dey shoot here” oo

Hahahahahah shame wan kill me. Chaii!!

Economy recession no go kill person lol. …