Two brothers have turned $5 into a thriving juice business

Two brothers have turned $5 into a thriving juice business, They started out selling cups of lemonade at their college, but now two brothers have built a company in Nigeria which distributes its juice in over 650 locations in 18 states in Africa's second largest economy.


Read up on what they had to say when asked the secret behind the success

With just $5, Seun and Seyi Abolaji set up Wilson’s Juice company in Lagos, Nigeria in 2010. They say their company is now worth millions. Their company produces about 24,000 bottles of lemonade daily in a factory they built which employs 30.

Like most businesses, starting up Wilsons Juice Co must have been challenging, so how did a N2000 business become a multi-million business?

Focus, Focus, Focus; Persistence; A great team and a ‘Create Better’ philosophy that forces us to find ways to get to desired results regardless of the resources and/or obstacles available per time.

What are the peculiar Challenges that Wilson’s Juice Co faced especially since they were unpopular at the time?

I doubt any of the challenges we have and continue to face are peculiar to Wilson’s… Nonetheless, the intensity and absurdity of (unnecessary/unprovoked) environmental challenges gets absurd at times… more importantly, our determination is to focus on what we can control. The decisions we made from inception to force ourselves to quick transition from dwelling on the lemons, to finding creative ways to turn all and any lemons that come our way into delicious lemonade has been a good strategy keeping us strong.

After making giant strides since existence, how best would you advice growing / startup businesses?

We have grown tremendously, yes… but we still got a FAAAAARRRRRRR distance to go. The main piece of advice I’d give a growing / startup business is to understand the “WHY” behind their organization… without a clear and strong enough “WHY,” the challenges in this environment make it too easy to divert, loose focus and/or simply give up on whatever dreams, hopes, or ambitions attached to growing a business here in Nigeria

Why do you think Wilsons Juice Co has become one of the top drink options amongst Nigerians for unwinding?

We remain on top because we understand our niche and hence, consciously target specific type of people. These kinds of people include

  • People that Enjoy going out to nice/upper class restaurants, bars, hotels, hangout and relaxation spots
  • Trendsetters & trailblazers among friends
  • People who are comfortable being unique—they don’t need to follow the crowd
  • Those who aspire to do their own thing and are comfortable standing out in a crowd
  • Those who are in the know and are eager and open to trying and doing new things.
  • The upwardly mobile that are primarily focussed on quality, not price
  • Those who aspire to international (world-class)—not mediocre standards
  • Or aspire to be and do more… to elevate their status in society.

This type of persons’ works extremely hard and are driven when on her hustle… so definitely, they need to unwind, and we are aiming to provide natural, refreshing and fun options that help them straighten up, or as a cocktail mix.

Overtime, what are Nigerians to expect from this brand?

We have some exciting brands coming out that will make it easier to Unwind with Wilson’s… Our NAFDAC numbers are soon to be out and we are sure our people will LOVE what we have in store for them