Interview with Rita Obidike

Driven with the Joy and satisfaction obtained by putting a smile on the face of a Client after your trip, Mrs Rita tells us more up-close and personal


After Years Of Experience In The Travel And Tourism Industry, Which Travel Locations Would You Advice Clients To Visit?

I would suggest visits to destinations in different parts of the globe, both locally and internationally. Charity begins at home, so, first, locally, then you can appreciate the difference when you go international. Back home, different states are developing their tourism sites. Every destination has something to offer depending on your needs and purpose of travelling as well as the age of the travellers, in the case of families. And finally, your budget for the trip.

Unfortunately most Nigerians equate travelling with shopping so they never really get to enjoy the wellness and education that they should get from the trips and destinations. However, Cruises help to curtail those excesses sometimes and help us achieved the well needed holiday, which is why it is making waves now in Nigeria.

But without all the back-ground information in Nigeria, I would suggest Whispering Palms/ Badagry, the Benin Empire, Obudu Cattle Ranch, Idanre Hills – Osun State, Ile-Ife, Olumo Rock – Abeokuta . In other parts of Africa – Ghana, Cotonou, Dakar, Gambia, Tanzania, Mauritius, Rwanda, Seychelles and a host of others.

2. What Made You Become A Professional Travel And Tours Consultant?

Passion and the love for travelling.

3. Can You Highlight The Major Issues You Face With Airlines And Clients In This Profession?

With Airlines – High fares and lack of professionalism from some of them. Such airlines treat agents like Competitors or rivals rather than as partners. This I believe would not be there if we had our national carrier. Issues with clients, is mainly indebtedness

4. What Location Was Your First Memorable Ticket Sale? How Did You Feel?

Hmmmmmm. Location must have been Lagos! I have been in this business for a long time now. Hence, I can’t quite remember the first, but I remember an incident, about fifteen years ago, when we sold an economy ticket and expected the usual N5,000 but we got about N82,000. We kept the money for a while, waiting for the airline to recall it based on some error but they never did. My staff told me then, madam, there is nothing God cannot do, please let us keep the money, and she was right. That felt good!

5. Tell Us A Little About Yourself And What Drives You?

My names are Mrs Rita Ofure Obidike. I studied English and Literary Studies from the then Bendel State University (BENSU), did NYSC In Jos after which I stayed back to do my Masters, in International Relations and Strategic Studies. I worked with African Petroleum for a couple of years before branching off to my dream career as a Travel Consultant.

I am married with children. Am controlled by two major principles of life – “what goes around comes around” and “if you put others’ interest ahead of yours, you would always have what you want or be at peace with yourself.

Finally, what drives me is the joy and satisfaction of putting a smile on your face after your trip.