Life doesn’t come all good in bed of roses. If you’ve been past the childhood stage and you are now an adult, you’ll understand this very well. And of all things you need to deal with as an adult, your relationship is one important one you don’t want to look over.

It’s something you need to give a careful consideration once in a while.

It’s easy to start a relationship. What is really hard is staying in that relationship and keeping your sanity. Yes, your sanity.

Your partner will drive you insane once in a while. You’ll feel like ending things at times. You’ll hate yourself for letting someone hurt you at some other time. But what you really need is to keep learning as you keep going. Learning doesn’t only help you strengthen your relationship but also helps you become stronger and wiser than you already are.

On this article, I will be telling you things you need to avoid in your relationship. Note, what works for Jack might not work for Jackson but hey, what works for Jack might help Jackson avoid some mistakes which is also good. So below are 5 things you should avoid in your relationship.

Avoid telling lies

I don’t know what you’ve been told, but lies never help in any way. If you tell one, you have to be prepared to cover that one lie with some other hundreds of lies which if you think of it is stressful. Eventually, the truth would be out and your game would be over. And all the stress you’ve been through trying to hide the truth’ Yeah, you guessed right. You would have been stressing yourself out for nothing.

No matter how terrible your truth is, tell it. And then make yourself understand that whoever values your truth is the right person for you. Anyone who doesn’t value your truth isn’t right for you and you should let them go. It’s as simple as that.

Stop complaining everytime

If instead of being happy about the little things you have in life, you decide to nag and complain about how you don’t have the abundance of it all the time, you can’t really enjoy life. The same thing happens in a relationship.

Your partner should be with you through all and everything but that doesn’t mean you should make life unbearable for them. Be considerate at times.

Instead of complaining about not having enough time with them, be happy every moment you share with them and make sure to enjoy the time you get to spend with them.

You never can tell what extent they have to go to give you the little they give. If you complain instead of appreciating their effort, they feel bad, which is not good for your relationship.

Pay attention to your partner

In a relationship, how caring enough you are is a major determinant. No one likes a partner who doesn’t have time for them and time they say heals and breaks.

Your partner wants your attention all the time so it’s okay to create out of your busy schedule to be with them. When you are together, listen carefully to what they say so you can answer them well. Remember their birthdays and other important dates linked to them.

Believe me, these little act of care goes a long way and can make your relationship beautiful and healthy.

Appreciate each other

Appreciation is important and helps a lot. A little thank you every now and then won’t hurt. It is essential to make your partner understand how much they make you happy. This not only make them feel good they are doing the right thing but also make them want to do more to make you happy.

Understand that because you now know each other so well and you’ve been telling them how important they are in your life means you can stop saying or showing it to them now. You need to keep reminding them so they know you are still crazy about them.

The moment you stop showing appreciation to your partner is the moment you hand over the death note to your relationship.

Don’t fight in public or in front of friends

Fighting in public makes you look like strangers. It leaves space for outsiders to poke into your relationship. And believe me, when you leave that space, you will have the friend who doesn’t like your relationship come in to tell you all the things wrong with your relationship. You will have people make a mess of what you cherish so much. You will have people who don’t like seeing you both together start planting the seed of negativity in your mind.

You know what happens when you start feeling that way. You start drifting apart gradually and think you are not meant for each other and eventually end a relationship that might have worked.

There are many more things to avoid in a relationship but little baby steps makes a walk.

Start off somewhere and get into the habit of doing things right. You’ll see the reason your relationships hasn’t lasted more than 2months and know what to fix to have something serious.