The biggest cause of road crashes is driver error. It is generally accepted that 85-90% of road crashes can be attributed to driver error. This includes not only the honest mistake or error in judgment, but also driver recklessness, driver inattention and many other factors.

A defensive driver is a safe driver, and that is especially important for families and the companies they serve. From sedan to truck fleets, drivers need to know how to properly handle a vehicle, and they need to have sound judgment when presented with road obstacles or reckless drivers.

“Defensive driving is driving to save lives, time, and money, despite the conditions around you and the actions of others

Defensive driving improves employee safety and lowers company risks by delivering the very best professional defensive driving skills and behind the wheel expertise

Every driver should be interested to learn improved techniques that provides them and whomever they drive, peace of mind that comes from providing your people the ultimacy in driving safety while giving your passengers the risk mitigation protection it requires plus comfortable experience.

From Driver Assessments to Driving Safety Courses to Relocation services, These are necessary courses that organizations and personal drivers of all sizes should be part of to improve driving performance and safety.

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  • Defensive driving can reduce driving risks.
  • Gets you Prepared for any Road Rage Situation
  • Better safety outcomes
  • Fewer car repairs, Hence Save money

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