Nothing can beat a good weeping session, where you cry away all your pains and tensions. It works like medicine for your soul and drives away all the worries trapped inside you. Let us together go through the benefits of crying.

1. Flushes away toxins

This is one of the best physical benefits of crying. Yes dear friends, crying flushes away a number of harmful toxins existing in your body. These toxins may be harmful to the internal system of your body in case they are not flushed out in time. Crying especially flushes out harmful substances from your eyes. They clean and lubricate your eyes.

2. Makes you stronger

Crying is like an exercise for the soul. Venting out all your troubles and worries is so much better than keeping them trapped inside you. It is like a workout for your heart, and in time your heart will become so strong that little problems won’t seem to effect you at all.

3. Makes you feel relaxed

Many people confess that after crying, they feel so much better. What is the explanation for this’ Crying releases hormones called endorphins that act as painkillers for your body. Crying is the last resort to ooze out your pain. When you are troubled and anxious, breaking down will calm your soul and you will finally feel at ease.

4. Prevents heart problems

Studies reveal that those who express their pain are less likely to suffer from heart diseases compared to those who keep pain within themselves. Save yourself from the dangers of heart problems. Whenever you feel like, cry!

This, however, doesn’t mean that you go about crying over anything and everything in front of others. However when you find the pain in excess, it is completely okay to cry it out rather than keeping it inside and causing harm to your emotional self. If you feel awkward to cry in front of others, you can go into your own room and cry away all your pain. You will feel so much better when you come out. Have a happy and healthy life!