Daniel D’ Humorous | Comedian & Politician

Daniel Chibuzor Nnwoka aka Daniel D’ Humorous is a Popular Port Harcourt based comedian, who would be long remembered for his decision to vie for the governorship of Rivers State. Dan is funny, Hilarous and Pleasant. This is what he had to say in an interview with Ifeanyi N. - Unwind magazine.


What does being Dan D Humorous involve?
Being Dan D Humorous is simply a combination of everything. It means meeting the other party halfway, it can be in a mode or mood according to what the situation at the time permits.

If another person were to be you for a week, what should they expect or not expect?
Hmmnmm…. Folks Should expect a very tedious schedule but a great atmosphere at home, lots of food alongside sleeping and being awake at odd hours of the day/night. They should not expect way too much fun, just a little for the stomach sake.

How would you describe your journey so far?
My Journey has being TREMENDOUS and I give God the glory to the fullest. If I begin the Chronicles of where I am coming from and where I am now, your pages will be exhausted. I would just describe the journey so far as Glory to Glory via God’s Mercy and Favor.

Is balancing entertainment and family as tedious as they say?
Oh yes it is, but the way you go around it will prevent you from feeling any vacuum. A supportive spouse who understands what you do, how you do it and why you do what you do would be a great advantage. Once your partner bears this understanding and you do the same for what they’re also doing, next thing is to properly prioritize at all times. There are some work engagements you can jettison…You don’t have to be everywhere or do everything.

Do you have a favorite performance throughout your career?
Several, a few do stand out from time to time.

Come 2019, will you be vying for another political post?
I won’t be running for any office in 2019 …but as always I will be very involved in the process through a political party.

How do you like to Unwind?
Lots of TV, Netflix and Chill, Lots of Reading too as well as spending time with my wife and my children too is also a great way to Unwind.