Jessica was my best friend, we have been friends since kindergarten, I treated her like my sister, sometimes people confuse us for sisters. Jessica and I decided we should go to same College (University), now we are in, we couldn’t do without each other, that’s what I thought. We shared almost everything.

One day, we both are in the lecture hall when a guy named John walked in, he’s so cute, I mean who wouldn’t want a guy like him, he’s tall, fair, have a great body and pink lips and handsome too. I fell in love with him immediately and I couldn’t keep it to myself so I told Jessica and all she said was “don’t worry it will be fine”. For a second, I sat there looking at her and what she meant by that and the expression on my face was like “is she going to use love potion or something”? but right now, I can’t STOP thinking of him, John.

The next day, John walked up to me, saying he needed a Mathematics Tutor and i was good in Mathematics. So, I wasted no time in telling him yes, I will help him. Things were going on fine until the old school day….we all dressed like in the 90’s and John asked me out on a date. Oh my dream came true, I was floating in the air. I told Jessica like I always do. A week later at night, Jessica dressed up and said she was going out on a date. I asked “with whom” she just said you will find out at the right time and walk away. The next day, I waited for Jessica to come home but she didn’t after a week she showed up at school and she was not looking good. Though, I was not surprise when she fainted. I took her to the hospital and the doctor said she’s pregnant and she has not been eating well. I ask her how she got pregnant and who got her pregnant,” what if your mother finds out”.You are just in the first semester and she started yelling at me saying…


“You’re are not my mother, my parents don’t need to know everything about me and stop acting like you care. Miss perfect daughter and just so you should know I was the reason John ended up with you or do you think it some kind of fairy tail. I made a deal with him that if he goes out on a date with you,I will do all his school work and later he came to me that the deal is off, he is in love with you and am sick and tired of you telling me about your love life. Jessica, i think am in love with Dave, Richard have a crush on me, John and I went out and he is so romantic. God!everything I want you get, I had a crush on Richard only for him to tell me he likes you and you even turn my own parents against me, remember back in high school when you got injured my parents blamed me.

It was actually your fault you push me and…….. (She cut in)

Shut up and stop telling me about it. And I realize that am in love with John too and can’t let you have this one, I have to do something.

I was weak and burst into tears, my best friend is pregnant for my boyfriend and yes i and John were a couple already. I shouldn’t have trusted Jessica indeed the pen is mightier than the sword. I thought my enemies will be people I don’t know but the enemy was right in front of me all along, stabbing me and telling me it’s okay. If anyone told me Jessica will do this am sure I would have killed such person but here it is right in front of me. One thing is for sure, I can’t trust anyone again and my relationship with John, well i don’t know but it’s not going to continue. I just wish I can get out of this world now, I can’t take it any more. She’s a devil disguise all along.