Work at your Time and Get Paid close to N100,000.00 Monthly. T&C Applies

Getting Started

Collaborating with UNWIND Magazine is an additional opportunity for you to expand your current business and receive an additional income without much Stress to you.

Now you can earn money by referring UNWIND Magazine! to your family and Friends. Whether it is Product or Corporate Review, Clear Advertisement, Event Coverage or
More, you’ll earn 25% commission off any customer you refer and help Seal.

Register for the ExecPartner affiliate program, and Get Extra Benefits which include

1. Press Pass for Events as we are informed
2. 3 Days fully paid Hotel Relaxation giveaway to ExecPartners who Provide 4 clientale Every month for 4 months Continously.
3. Constant Feature on the Content as an ExecPartner
4. N3,000.00 monthly Phone Recharge for ExecPartners who meet up to expected target of a minimum of N200,000.00 Referral Income Monthly
5. Plus Lots More

All payments will be sent through your nominated Account. Payments are sent within five (5) business days from the beginning of the calendar month.

ExecPartner Affiliate Agreement
This ExecPartner Affiliate Agreement is made between UNWIND Magazine, a KentParse Ltd Firm, and you, as an Executive Affiliate.
To be an authorized ExecPartner Affiliate, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. Please read this Agreement carefully before registering.

  • You must understand UNWIND Magazine Services and the values we add to businesses and Personalities.
  • By Being an ExecPartner Affiliate, You Permit UNWIND Magazine to Print your image and name as an ExecPartner on UNWIND Magazine
  • UNWIND Magazine reserves the Right to Remove non-active ExecPartners from ExecPartners Page
  • You are solely responsible for keeping and maintaining your contacts in the event of a change of email address and others.
  • If a Referral signs up with discounted Values, Affiliates will be paid a commission on the discounted rate.
  • If a Referral cancels an account and receives a refund, then any commissions earned on the amount refunded will be revoked.
  • For Successful Client Referral that isnt cash based eg. Barter, ExecPartner would be paid in same manner
  • Self-referrals are strictly prohibited.

You must adhere strictly to UNWIND Magazine Terms and Conditions and expressly agree to abide by the ExecPartner Affiliate Agreement. Failure to abide by these terms will result in immediate termination of your Affiliate Status and a complete forfeit of any commissions earned.

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