We, Humans disagree on a lot of issues ranging from sports to politics to fashion etc but we all seem to agree that marriage should be enjoyed and not endured. We also do agree that marital bliss to a great extent depends on finding and marrying the right person a.k.a Mr. Right/Miss take-home-to-mama; but with the advent of human hair weaves, smart phones and co there seems to be an increasing decline in the ready availability of wife/husband materials.

Girls say they need men they can pound yam for because “God knows the boys of today deserve indomie”. I laughed sooooooo hard the first time I saw this on someone’s “social media” personal message. It was really hilarious (still cracks me up)

Guys (most guys?) on the other hand are of the opinion that most girls are materialistic and want already-made men, no one wants to grow with anyone from  ‘scratch”…….. na who get that kain time?  (lol). So they yab babes that they wear weaves worth the equivalent of two plots of land (in Naira) on their heads. Ah ahn!!!!

So, guys deserve indomie and all girls want is money huh?! Good girls falls for bad guys and vice versa, wife/husband materials are in short supply;  yet lots of people fast and pray every day for life partners; from where na?  How? The thunderous ‘’Ammmmmeeeeeennnnnnn” that follows prayers like “may your soulmate/husband/wife locate you this year” leaves a lot to the imagination.

Well, here’s my take on this; being single is not a bad thing at all; neither is it as a result of some old aunt’s curse from your village!

Singlehood is the perfect time to know/discover, grow and develop yourself into the married spouse you hope to be someday! So, Work on yourself! And  IF you think the duty of a good wife is to wake up early, conduct family devotions, make breakfast, do chores etc and still look absolutely stunning, then as a single lady, you should make a habit of doing all these things in your (father’s) house. Likewise If you think it’s a husband’s duty to protect, assist and provide for his wife and household then do same where you are!!!! Show some love to your mum, sisters, cousins and friends,  assist with some household chores (can I get an AMEN!!!); be nice, warm and gentle; be approachable and yet command (not demand) respect.

Research has shown that it takes 21 days of constantly doing a thing in order to make it a habit. Be committed to making yourself the desirable wife/husband material for someone else and you’ll definitely attract one. Babies do not get married; only mature minds do! You attract who you are per time.