The best part about investing in real estate -besides the fact that It appreciates is certain –
“who’s going to steal it really? Or relocate it?” A laughable concept if you give it a thought

But beyond witty ice breakers and marketable comic relief, DBillions PV City is selling something priceless and no, it’s not limited to land and structures above and beneath.

It’s more. It’s luxury. And that’s difficult to place a price on. If you’re looking to invest in a city completely powered by solar, where power never fails, Tastefully planned with precise detailing, Tailored to suit your luxury needs from location, ease of mobility and literally every sphere of your lifestyle. Or, you’re looking to invest in D Billions PV City then it’s not so difficult to put your money on luxury.

Okani Kelechi Darlington is an entrepreneur, investor and Solar Power Expert. He is currently developing and building a City powered by Solar in the heart of Africans Biggest Investment hub, New Lagos Ibeju-Lekki. A city comprising of 87 luxury residential houses, 4 hospitality and recreational housing, a mall and Park.


What’s the fall side In Real Estate investment?

Buying or investing without conducting a proper due diligence is very delicate and a potential fall side in Real Estate Business

What does it take to run a successful Real Estate and Development Business?

It takes diligence, networking and huge investment funds especially for a Solar Powered Project like ours because we are working on a call to change the narrative of domestic Power supply dynamics and affordability of luxury in the Nigerian Real Estate Business

What value of investment should a client budget to get a comfortable apartment with Dbillions PV City?

Our aim is all about bringing affordability into luxury, which is why we present our honourable clients with options ranging from land purchases, joint venture Partnerships or/and direct housing purchase at our Solar powered Dbillion PVC City. We provide all these options for the convenience of our prospective and returning clients