Depression is a really dark place…..and I’ve been there.

Social media tends to mask a lot of people’s pain with the happy-looking pictures; the 2-fingers-in-the-air; the dab and the weh-done sir images.

Yet after all the likes and comments; and people are back in their own quarters/rooms, life tends to stare them right in the face.

You look at yourself and feel worthless; underachieved, unsuccessful…….. you feel stuck; everyone you know seems to be progressing considerably forward………or so it seems……. that’s what we see on their various social media profiles anyways.

You seem like you’re going down a big black bottomless hole; drowning; clutching at straws …..with no end in sight to this “predicament.”.

You speak to church members and religious leaders and all you get is the usual “all is well” or “God cannot be depressed” or “I bind the spirit of

I’ve been there

A lot of people have been there to

You feel like There’s no one to talk to. “No one understands”; “no one cares”.

Psychologists/psychiatrists can help you. It doesn’t mean you’re “mad” or “going crazy”; these are professionals; trained and certified and sworn to secrecy. Please Book an appointment to see one and just T-A-L-K; You can also call the Nigeria Suicide Prevention Initiative Hotline +234 806 210 6493.

Furthermore, if you know yourself really well and can tell what activities brighten up your day; then by all means, fill your days with those activities repeatedly until you snap out of depression. It is important to note here that it is possible to forget what activities usually brighten up your day. That’s DEPRESSION.
So, ask your close relatives and friends to remind you!

Activities like Watching movies, dancing (it’s fine to have a dance party all by yourself), singing, listening to music, going on long walks; gisting/hanging out with friends seem to help a few people.

Anything to get your mind off the depressing thoughts.

Depression is a really dark place…..and I’ve been there.
Have you?
How did you snap out of it?
Your story might help someone !!!
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