…..I haven’t changed, I’m the same girl that wants to win daily.. Laura Ikeji Kanu

I am a more mature Laura, way more responsible. My interests have changed ....


Delectable Laura Ikeji Kanu graces the covers of the recent edition of Unwind Magazine. As a mother, mom and Entrepreneur .. Laura comes with triple action solution and a force to be associated with.

A year and some months ago, you were not an author, a mom and author. Fast forward ….. a year and months after, you are all three, how does it feel?

The journey has been amazing and very tasking especially joggling between work and family. I’m a more mature Laura, way more responsible. My Interests have changed, I’m no longer interested in a lot of things that I used to, not doing things that don’t benefit my brand now e.g. social media clap backs

During these journeys, did you face peculiar challenges?

Being a mom is fine; it’s a beautiful thing, however being a business woman is difficult. Being a young entrepreneur in Nigeria is very stressful as you have to deal with a lot of things like rent, electricity, competition, lack of sponsorships from government and banks. Marriage has been good because I’m married to my friend. Having my son is the best thing ever. When I’m stressed, he gives me strength and happiness. I haven’t changed; I’m the same girl that wants to win daily.

From fashion blogging to owning a fashion outfit, how easy or hard has it been switching over?

Oh!! Fashion blogging isn’t hard for me; it’s doing what I love and writing about it. Business is hard. Because of the way my store is; like a market where people come, buy and sell, I have to make sure that every stockist in the store is happy, have to make profits, advertise, make customers happy by giving them the best at affordable rates while battling the previously stated issues young Nigerian entrepreneurs face.

Months after releasing your book ‘How to Make Money on Instagram’, has it made you see social media differently or through a different eye?

Oh yeah, there are even somethings I didn’t write in the book that I just learnt because things evolve. There are always new ways to market yourself, your idea as time and trends passes.

Can you shed more light into balancing parenting and being a business owner?

Like I said, sometimes I just want to be with my son, not travel numerously but I have to be around my business too, as nobody handles your business better than you would.

My mum helps a lot when I travel, except being on social media like I do (giggles). I noticed sales lowered while I was out promoting my book compared to when I was around. So having to match the demand from my baby and business is tricky.

What should we expect from Laura Ikeji- Kanu later in the year?

More, more more! More businesses, I may not be the face of these businesses, but I am investing in them, bringing brands out. I don’t care if I fail, I’m not a jack of all trades and master of all, but it won’t stop me. I’m not a business mogul, I’m a hustler. I could buy a Mercedes out of necessity but not a Hermes bag of N5million, at least not now (laughs). I want to be able to afford luxury.

Behind the camera, how is Laura, how does she like to Unwind?

Unlike some people, Laura is the same person you see on and off social media. Laura is fun, happy and loud. Laura likes to dance, hangout and chill. I like to talk, do less gossip and PLAY ALOT!