Everyone’s been there: You marry this nice charming guy, you’re totally into him, then, later,a month, a week, an hour you find yourself in bed with him. The music’s right, the passion is great, but something’s wrong. Very wrong.

His technique is, let’s just say, lacking, and as he’s doing that annoying thing with his tongue,hand and leg. How did he get this far knowing so little’ Why didn’t anyone tell him how bad that feels’

The only way to have a truly satisfying sex life is to let your guy know what does — and doesn’t — turn you on. And, despite your fear of hurting his feelings, most men appreciate in-the-sack advice because knowing they’re getting you off gets them off, too.
You can also teach him how to please you by using body language. For instance, If you want more pressure on your pelvis, push your pelvis toward his mouth or nudge his head in closer; for less pressure, move slightly away from him or gently push his head back a little bit. There a re More ways to direct him depending on the issue:

Issue No. 1: He won’t go there.

Look: If your guy thinks your downtown area is just for one thing, that’s a prob­lem. If you have to ask him every time, that is a problem. Have a glass of wine for courage, and ask what the deal is. Depending on his answer, you’ll need either another glass of wine or these tips.