When i was about 13, i was just getting interested in girls. My aunty owned a hospice, and had lots of nurses, young and old working for her. I would often go and visit her, but i always had to run the gauntlet of my aunty’s tickling torture, and cold baths…brrrr, they were freeeezing.

She was wierd, and whenever she saw me, she just had to tickle, sometimes over my clothing. But i loved her, and i saw it as fun, but only at arms length.

Some of the time she would expose her breasts to me, just to see if she could turn a young boy on….she always could. Like i said, she was wierd, but at that innocent age, i assumed she was quite normal, and all women do that to young boys…don’t they’..

She was the woman who taught me all about sex, but that was much later on in life.

But back then as a young teen, i was quite inquisitive, and i would roam around the hospice, trying to see, what i wasn’t suppose to see. I would mock and laugh at all the old biddies i saw, whom didn’t even know, or perhaps care that i was there to.

I was very interested in the many nursing staff, which were all females, and a mixture of all young an elderly age groups. I used to pretend i was a secret agent, and my mission would often be to see what i wasn’t suppose to see. Then it would be my job, to get out, without being seen, or caught.

It was just a game!. Most of the time i was successful, except for once!!..

One day i crept into the nurses changing room, just before they got there, and as usual hid inside the same dusty old closet, and waited to complete my mission for that day.

I had done it before, and usually got away with seeing all of that naked, young and old rippling flesh….it was lovely, and i often got a boner, but up until that day i never realized just how to get rid of it.

Perhaps this day, i had a bit of a cold, or it was more dusty in the closet then normal!, but without realizing it, i felt a sneeze coming on. I tried to hold it in, but i couldn’t, all of a sudden i had a mammoth sneezing fit. Just like it happens on the tv!. Of course they all heard it, i could hear a multitude of shocked screams.
Right away, i just knew that i was in trouble!!.

Suddenly the closet door flew open, and there was me, shaking with fear, looking at about a dozen or so nurses, most of them in various forms of undress, some with their uniforms still on, some just with small towels wrapped around their young, or chubby rude parts. It was too late, i had seen it all, or most of it, before my sneezing gave me away.

“what the fuck are you doing in there’”

One angrily shouted, all their eyes were now pearcing me, like hot daggers. Good question, to which i would never have a very plausible answer.
I mean what could i say’.
Couldn’t say i was just checking the woodwork for woodworm.
They wouldn’t have believed that, especially coming from a 13 year old boy, with a big stonker pushing my trousers out infront of me.

“its obvious…isnt it…he’s been spying on us all the time!”
“Have you had a good look boy'” Another asked

Some grinned, smiles crescendoed their lips, they didn’t seem so angry anymore, i think their sudden shock had by then worn off, after all they were nurses, and had seen it all before.

Suddenly my aunty came in. up to his old tricks again is he ladies!”
She said, i didn’t know she knew all about me.
“what….old tricks!!!”
Replied one.
“oh yes…he’s been looking at you for ages….knew we’d catch him at it one day!”.
“what…all this time…he’s been looking at us, getting dressed, and…..naked!”
Said another.
“afraid so, he’s seen it all….couldn’t let on, wanted to catch him….and now we have!”.
She said grabbing me by my collar, whilst another grabbed my still clothed man hood, pulling me out into the open.