Cozette, Sid and Joe have known each other for ages and collaborated on other work projects before founding their own brand, Sibling, the exceptional knitwear company for men. Punk, pop art and youth culture inform the brand’s collections with bright colors and bold graphics, and which often arise in collaboration with selected artists, as the designers find their devotees easily. Years of experience in the industry reveal a certain effortlessness, an ease that crosses over into both designs and playful conversation. Joe Bates, co-founder and creative director of London-based knitwear label Sibling, passed away following a long battle with cancer. His age was unknown. While his passing was first reported by Love magazine via Instagram, the brand took to confirm the news.

Sid Byran and Cozette McCreery showcased their #SS17 collection titled Sibling during the London Collections Men #SS17 in London on June 12, 2016.

See the complete lookbook below;

Photo Credit | Getty Images