So I woke up this morning to balance my accounts. It’s such a daunting task for someone like me, with a medical science degree!

I started out with writing my books in a jotter in plain English ” I bought this and sold this” but I had a hard time reconciling it so I moved on to drawing a table in the jotter (S/No; Date; income; expense; remarks)….reconciling this was much less tedious but I knew it could be done better.

That was my EUREKA moment

I asked myself ……what stationary is printed with Dates and line? ………


……….. I started using diaries……….so as it stands, i have a diary of “mybooks” for every year I’ve been in business (asides the first year)

I no longer have to rule in Dates! I just write “Revenue, Expense and remarks (cash deposit into bank account) if any” under each pre-printed date etc.

It’s easier for accountants to upload the data I’ve collected on excel (or any accounting software) and work out profit and loss and the likes!

If you struggle with keeping proper books for your business; Go and buy a Diary today!