You trust her, you adore her, you worship the proverbial ground she walks on. However, make no mistake about it, gentlemen; all women lie in certain situations and your little angel is no exception. For the sake of this article and to help you out, we’ve narrowed the spectrum to the essential five lies all women tell.

Sometimes she’s only fibbing a bit to protect her own feelings or yours. Sometimes her motives are less laudable, like lying to cover her tracks. Whatever the case, certain lies occur much more frequently than others. It’s up to you to learn the five lies all women tell, and how to handle them.

  1. “He is just a Friend”
  2. I have a boyfriend but he is out of the Country
  3. I’m on my period
  4. I went to visit this guy, we slept on the same bed, he took me shopping..hmm do you know I stayed three days and he did not touch me. Guess how much he gave me’ 150k…
  5. I don’t love you because of your money
  6. I love you too
  7. I’m not bleaching, my skin colour is just coming out
  8. My husband was my first lover!…bwahahahahhahahahahaahahhahaa
  9. “We didn’t have sex, we only smooched”
  10. “I’m a virgin”
  11. “He is my uncle”
  12. I didn’t buy it here, got it when I traveled out.
  13. Single but not searching.
  14. I don’t date married men.
  15. Am not into boys but I just like you so much.
  16. I can’t travel by road.
  17. I don’t eat out, am a good cook.
  18. I do runs coz am the one taking care of my family
  19. Can I stay with you for just 1 week’ Would leave by next week (na lie oh na 3 months them go stay)

Oh, yes Ladies,  Don’t think you’re getting off that easily