This girl has been taking the birth control pills for several years. What happened after she stopped is amazing. Here is the story she wants to share with you.


“Before I went off birth control, I hadn’t given much thought to hormones. And by the time I started taking the Pill when I was 16, the adolescent undulations of my mood had settled into gradual slopes. I met a guy at 22 and was serious about the relationship with him. Then I stopped taking the pills.

The first thing I felt: I like sex much more when I am not on the birth control pills! The orgasms are stronger and last longer.”


Experts explain that birth control methods can keep the hormones down and suppress the sexual desires of a woman!

“But once I was off birth control completely, the changes were more than sexual. I felt smarter—and I felt meaner. My boyfriend said I was always angry at him and at the world. The emotions I felt intensified!

And I got confused, too. The boyfriend I had blamed all my moods swings and negative emotions on the hormones. He was convinced they were not his fault, but I turned into a typical hysterical woman instead! So, I really got confused and had a hard time telling what actually causes the emotions. I could not make any decisions as I always had double thoughts about being right or wrong.

Finally, I broke up with the man, and I felt much happier! That was the turning point. After all, women are not just made for breeding or mating. Hormones play a significant role in our lives, but if something hurts you or makes you upset, it’s not them. Most likely this thing or person really hurt you. You have the right to feel what you feel, and you do not need an apology for how you feel.


This was my biggest revelation after stopping to take the pills. Now I know, I am a person with the right to have my opinion and feelings. I can be happy or miserable, and that’s Ok.”

This lady’s story teaches us some lessons. Birth of children is important and women are wired for it. But hormones are not the excuse to use for your feelings or behavior. You better listen to your heart as it might show you the right path and decisions to be made in life.